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Current Herb Offerings

We stock a wide variety of bulk herbs

This is a list of what we currently offer; if you do not see the herb you are looking for we are happy to special order any herbs we can get our hands on, just call or stop by the store to ask!

Please also note that we don't always update this page when we get in a new herb or run out of something, so it's best to call if you're looking for something specific


Common Name Latin Name
Alfalfa Leaf Organic, bulk/oz Medicago sativa, OG
Angelica Root Organic, bulk/oz Angelica archangelica Root, OG
Angelica Root Powder organic, bulk/oz Angelica archangelica Root Powder, OG
Anise Seed Organic, bulk/oz Pimpinella anisum, OG
Anise Seed Powder organic, bulk/oz Pimpinella anisum seed powder, OG
Arnica Flowers, organic, bulk/oz Arnica montana, OG
Ashwaganda Root organic, bulk/oz Withania somnifera, OG
Ashwaganda root powder organic, bulk/oz Withania somnifera root powder, OG
Asian, Red Ginseng, organic, bulk/oz Panax ginseng, OG
Astragalus root powder organic, bulk Astragalus membranaceus Root Powder, OG
Astragalus slices, organic, bulk/oz Astragalus membracanus slices, OG
Bacopa, organic, bulk/oz Bacopa moneri, OG
Barberry Root Bark Powder organic, bulk Berberis vulgaris root powder, OG
Basil Leaf, organic, bulk/oz Ocimum basilicum, OG
Beet Root Powder, organic, bulk/oz Beet Root Powder, OG
Birch Bark, wild-crafted, bulk/oz Betula alba, WC
Birch Leaf, Organic, bulk/oz Betula alba leaf, OG, bulk/oz
Bitter Orange Peel organic, bulk/oz Citrus aurantium Peel, OG
Black Cohosh Root Powder organic, bulk Cimicifuga racemosa Root Powder, OG
Black Cohosh Root organic, bulk/oz Cimicifuga racemosa Root, OG
Black Pepper, Ground, bulk/oz Black Pepper, Ground, bulk/oz
Black Peppercorns, Organic, bulk/oz Piper nigrum, OG, bulk/oz
Black Walnut Hull Powder organic, bulk Juglans nigra Powder, OG
Blackberry Leaf, bulk/oz Rubus fruticosus Leaf, bulk/oz
Blessed Thistle Organic, Bulk/oz Cnicus benedictus, OG
Bloodroot, Organic, bulk/oz Sanguinaria canadensis, WC
Blue Flag Root organic, bulk/oz Iris versicolor root Powder, OG
Blue cohosh, wild-crafted, bulk/oz Caulophyllum thalictroides, WC
Boneset root organic, bulk/oz Eupatorium perfoliatum, OG
Buchu Leaf, organic, Bulk/oz Agathosma betulina, OG
Bupleurum Root organic, bulk/oz Bupleurum chinese root, OG
Bupleurum root powder organic, bulk Bupleurum chinese powder, OG
Burdock Seed oranic, bulk/oz Arctium lappa seed, OG
Burdock root organic, bulk/oz Arctium lappa, OG
Butterbur Root organic, bulk/oz Petasites hybridus, OG
Cacao Beans organic, bulk/oz Theobroma cacao Beans, OG
Cacao Nibs roasted organic, bulk/oz Theobroma cacao Nibs roasted, OG
Calamus Root, organic, bulk/oz Acorus calamus, OG
Calendula Flowers organic, bulk/oz Calendula officinalis, OG
Calendula Flowers, LOCAL, Organic, bulk/oz Calendula officinalis bulk herb, Local, OG
California Poppy, bulk/oz Eschscholzia californica, OG
Cardamom Pods organic, bulk/oz Elettaria cardamomum Pods, OG
Cardamom Powder organic, bulk Elettaria cardamomum Powder, OG
Cardamom, hulled, Organic bulk/oz Elettaria cardamomum, hulled, OG bulk/oz
Cascara Sagrada Bark Powder organic, bulk Rhamnus Purshiana Bark Powder, OG
Cascara Sagrada Bark, bulk/oz Rhamnus purshiana Bark
Cat's Claw Bark, Organic, bulk/oz Uncaria tomentosa, OG, bulk
Catnip organic, bulk/oz Nepeta cataria, OG
Cayenne Powder, Organic, bulk/oz Capsicum annum Powder, OG bulk/oz
Chaga Mushrooms, Wild Crafted, bulk/oz Inonotus obliquus, WC bulk/oz
Chamomile Flowers organic, bulk/oz Matricaria recutita, OG
Chaparral Leaf organic, bulk/oz Larrea tridentata, OG
Chia Seeds, Organic, bulk/oz Salvia hispanica, OG
Chickweed Powder organic, bulk/oz Stellaria media Powder, OG
Chickweed organic, bulk/oz Stellaria media, OG
Chicory Root Roasted organic, bulk/oz Cichorium intybus Roasted, OG
China White Peony Tea, White tea, bulk/oz White Tea, China White Peony Tea
Chlorella Powder, bulk/oz Chlorella Powder
Chrysanthemum Flowers, organic, bulk/oz Chrysanthemum grandiflorum, OG
Cinnamon Chips organic, bulk/oz Cinnamomum verum Chips, OG
Cinnamon Powder organic, bulk/oz Cinnamomum burmannii powder, OG
Cleavers, Organic bulk/oz Galium aparane, OG
Clove Powder organic, bulk Syzygium aromaticum Powder, OG
Cloves, whole, organic, bulk/oz Syzygium aromaticum, OG
Cocoa Butter Wafers, bulk/oz Cocoa Butter Wafers, OG
Codonopsis, organic, bulk/oz Codonopsis pilosula, OG
Coltsfoot Powder organic, bulk Tussilago farfara powder, OG
Coltsfoot, organic, bulk/oz Tussilago farfara, OG
Comfrey Leaf organic, bulk/oz Symphytum officinale, OG
Copal Resin, bulk/oz Copal Resin
Cramp Bark Powder organic, bulk Viburnum opulus Powder, OG
Cranesbill Root Powder, bulk Geranium maculatum root powder
Crystallized Ginger, Organic, bulk/oz Crystallized Ginger, Organic, bulk/oz
Curry Leaf, Organic, bulk/oz Murraya koenigii, OG
Red rose petals, organic, bulk/Ln Rosa spp., petals, OG
Damiana, organic, bulk/oz Turnera diffusa, OG
Dandelion Leaf organic, bulk/oz Taraxacum officinale Leaf, OG
Dandelion Root Powder organic, bulk/oz Taraxacum officinale Root Powder, OG
Dandelion Root Roasted organic, bulk/oz Taraxacum officinale root roasted, OG
Dandelion Root organic, bulk/oz Taraxacum officinale Root, OG
Devil's Claw Root, Organic, bulk/oz Harpagophytum procumbens, OG bulk/oz
Dong Quai Root organic, bulk/oz Angelica sinensis root, OG
Dong Quai root powder organic, bulk/oz Angelica sinensis root powder, OG
Echinacea herb organic, bulk/oz Echinacea purpurea Herb, OG
Echinacea purpurea herb powder organic, bulk/oz Echinacea purpurea Herb powder, Og
Echinacea purpurea root organic, bulk/oz Echinacea purpurea Root, OG
Echinacea purpurea root powder organic, bulk/oz Echinacea purpurea root powder, OG
Elder Berries organic, bulk/oz Sambucus nigra Berries, OG
Elder Berries, LOCAL, WIld-crafted, bulk/oz Sambucum nigra berries, Local, WC
Elder Flowers organic, bulk/loz Sambucus nigra flowers, OG
Elder Flowers, LOCAL, Organic, bulk/oz Sambucus nigra flowers, Local, bulk/oz
Elecampane Root organic, bulk/oz Inula helenium, OG
Elecampane root powder organic, bulk/oz Inula helenium powder, Og
Eleuthero Root Organic, bulk/oz Eleutherococcus senticosus root, OG
Eleuthero root powder organic, bulk/oz Eleutherococcus senticosus powder, OG
Epimidium, organic, bulk/oz Epimidium grandiflorum, OG
Essiac Blend, Organic, bulk/oz  Essiac Blend, OG bulk/oz
Eucalyptus Leaf, Organic, bulk/oz Eucalyptus globulus, OG bulk/oz
Eyebright organic, bulk/oz Euphrasia officinalis, OG
Fennel Seed Powder organic, bulk/oz Foeniculum vulgare powder, OG
Fennel Seed organic, bulk/oz Foeniculum vulgare, OG
Fenugreek Seed organic, bulk/oz Trigonella foenum-graecum, OG
Fenugreek seed powder organic, bulk/oz Trigonella foenum-graecum Powder, OG
Feverfew organic, bulk/oz Tanacetum parthenium, OG
Flax Seeds bulk/oz Flax Seeds bulk/oz
Frankincense Resin, bulk/oz Frankincense resin
Gentian Root, Organic, bulk/oz Gentiana lutea, OG, bulk/oz
Gentian root powder organic, bulk/oz Gentiana lutea root powder, OG
Ginger Root Powder organic, bulk/oz Zingiber officinalis root powder, OG
Ginger root organic, bulk/oz Zingiber officinalis root, OG
Gingko Leaves, bulk/oz Gingko biloba, bulk
Ginseng root powder organic, bulk/oz Panax ginseng powder, OG
Goat's Rue organic, bulk/oz Galega officinalis, OG
Goji Berries organic, bulk/oz Lycium chinense, OG
Goldenseal root organic, bulk/oz Hydrastis canadensis, OG
Goldenseal root powder organic, bulk/oz Hydrastis canadensis powder, OG
Gotu Kola, organic, bulk/oz Centella asiatica, OG
Gravel Root, bulk/oz Eupatorium purpureum, bulk
Gymnema Leaf, organic, bulk/oz Gymnema sylvestra, OG
Hawthorn Berry powder organic, bulk/oz Crataegus monogyna berry powder, OG
Hawthorne Berries organic, bulk/oz Crataegus monogyna Berry, OG
Hawthorne Leaf & Flower organic, bulk/oz Crataegus monogyna Leaf/flower, OG
He Shou Wu root, organic, bulk/oz Polygonum multiflorum, OG
Hibiscus flowers organic, bulk/oz Hibiscus sabdariffa, OG
Holy Basil, Tulsi, Organic, bulk/oz Ocimum teniflorum, OG
Hops flowers organic, bulk/oz Humulus lupulus, OG
Horehound organic, bulk/oz Marrubium vulgare, OG
Horse Chestnut organic, bulk/oz Aesculus hippocastanum, OG
Horsetail organic, bulk/oz Equisetum arvense, OG
Houjicha Green Tea, bulk/oz Houjicha Green Tea, bulk
Hyssop Organic, bulk/oz Hyssopus officinalis, OG
Jamaican Dogwood Bark Powder organic, bulk/oz Piscidia piscipula Powder, OG
Jasmine Flowers, bulk/oz Jasminum odoratissimum bulk/oz
Juniper Berry organic, bulk/oz Juniperus communis, OG
Kava Kava Root powder organic, bulk/oz Piper methysticum Powder, OG
Kava Kava Root, Bulk/oz Piper Methysticum, OG
Kelp granules, organic, Bulk/oz Laminaria OG bulk/oz
Lady's Mantle organic, bulk/oz Alchemilla vulgaris, OG
Lavender Flower powder organic, bulk/oz Lavandula species powder, OG
Lavender Flowers organic, bulk/oz Lavandula species, OG
Lemon Balm Leaf, LOCAL, Organic, bulk/oz Melissa officinalis, Local, OG, bulk/oz
Lemon Balm organic, bulk/oz Melissa officinalis, OG
Lemon Verbena, bulk/oz Aloysia citriodora
Licorice Root Powder, bulk/oz Glycyhhriza glabra powder
Licorice Root Slices, organic, bulk/oz Glycrhhiza glabra Slices, OG
Licorice Root pieces, organic, bulk/oz Glycrhhiza glabra, OG
Linden Blossoms, LOCAL, Wild-crafted, bulk/oz Tilia spp. flowers, Local, bulk
Linden Flowers & Leaf organic, bulk/oz Tilia europaea, OG
Linden Leaf & Flower powder organic, bulk/oz Tilia europaea Powder, Og
Lobelia organic, bulk/oz Lobelia inflata, OG
Lotus Leaf, bulk/oz Lotus Leaf, bulk/oz
Lungwort organic, bulk/oz Pulmonaria officinalis, OG
Maca Root powder organic, bulk/oz Lepidium meyenii Powder, OG
Marjoram, Organic Bulk Herb/oz Origanum majorana bulk herb, OG
Marshmallow Root organic, bulk/oz Althaea officinalis, OG
Marshmallow root powder organic, bulk/oz Althaea officinalis powder
Matcha Tea Powder, organic, bulk/oz Matcha Tea Powder, OG
Meadowsweet organic, bulk/oz Filipendula ulmaria, OG
Milk Thistle Seed organic, bulk/oz Silybum marianum, OG
Mistletoe, Organic, bulk/oz Viscum album, OG, bulk/oz
Monarda, Bee Balm, LOCAL, Organic, Wild-crafted, bulk/oz Monarda fistulosa, OG, WC, Local
Motherwort organic, bulk/oz Leonurus cardiaca, OG
Motherwort, LOCAL, Organic, bulk/oz Leonorus cardiaca, LOCAL, OG
Mugwort organic, bulk/oz Artemesia vulgaris, OG
Muira Puama Bark, wild-crafted, bulk/oz Croton echioides, WC bulk/oz
Mullein Flowers organic, bulk/oz Verbascum densiflorum Flowers, OG
Mullein Leaf, organic, bulk/oz Verbascum thapsis, OG
Myrrh Resin, Wild-crafted, bulk/oz Commiphora myrrha, WC, bulk/oz
Nettle Leaf organic, bulk/oz Urtica dioica, OG
Nettle Root bulk/oz Urtica dioica Root, bulk/oz
Oatstraw organic, bulk/oz Avena sativa, OG
Orange Peel organic, bulk/oz Citrus sinensis, OG
Oregon Grape Root Powder organic, bulk/oz Mahonia species Powder, OG
Oregon Grape Root organic, bulk/oz Mahonia species, OG
Organic Coconut Flakes, bulk/oz Coconut Flakes, OG
Organic Raw Cacao Powder bulk/oz, coco, chocolate Theobroma cacao Powder, raw OG
Osha root, wild-crafted, bulk/oz Ligusticum porteri, WC
Parsley Root, organic, bulk/oz Petroselinum crispum, OG, bulk/oz
Partridgeberry, Organic, bulk/oz Mitchelle repens, OG, bulk/oz
Passionflower, LOCAL, Organic, bulk/oz Passiflora incarnata, bulk herb, OG,Local
Passionflower, Organic, bulk/oz Passiflora incarnata, OG
Pau d'Arco bulk/oz Tabebuia impetiginosa, OG
Peppermint Organic, bulk/oz Mentha piperita, OG
Plantain Leaf, Organic, bulk/oz Plantago spp., OG
Pleurisy Root Powder organic, bulk/oz Asclepius tuberosa powder, OG
Pleurisy Root organic, bulk/oz Asclepius tuberosa, OG
Poke Root, Organic, Bulk/oz Phytolacca americana, OG, bulk/oz
Prickly Ash Bark powder organic, bulk/oz Zanthoxylum clava-herculis powder, OG
Quassia Bark organic, bulk/oz Quassia amara, OG
Raspberry Leaf, Organic, bulk/oz Rubus idaeus, OG
Red Clover Blossoms organic, bulk/oz Trifolium pratense, OG
Red Clover Blossoms, LOCAL, Organic, bulk/oz Trifolium pratense bulk herbs, LOCAL, OG
Red Root Powder organic, bulk/oz Ceanothus americanus powder, OG
Red Rose Petals, organic, bulk/oz Rosa centifolia, petals, OG
Rehmannia root organic, bulk/oz Rehmannia glutinosa, OG
Reishi Mushroom Slices, bulk/oz Ganoderma lucidum, OG
Rhodiola Root, bulk herb, Organic, bulk/oz Rhodiola rosea, OG, bulk/oz
Rhodiola powder organic, bulk/oz Rhodiola rosea powder, OG
Rooibos Tea, red, bulk/oz Rooibos
Rose Buds whole organic, bulk/oz Rosa damascena, OG
Rosehips organic, bulk/oz Rosa canina, OG
Rosemary Leaf organic, bulk/oz Rosemarinus officinalis, OG
Rosemary powder organic, bulk/oz Rosemarinus Poeder, OG
Rue organic, bulk/oz Ruta graveolens, OG
Sage organic, bulk/oz Salvia officinalis, OG
Sassafras Bark, Organic, Bulk/oz Sassafras albidum, OG
Saw Palmetto Berries, Organic, bulk/oz Serenoa repens, OG bulk/oz
Schisandra Berry powder organic, bulk/oz Schisandra chinensis powder, OG
Schisandra berries organic, bulk/oz Schisandra chinensis, OG
Senna Leaf organic, bulk/oz Senna alexandrina Leaf, OG
Senna Powder organic, bulk/oz Senna alexandrina Powder, OG
Sesame Seeds, Organic, bulk/oz Sesame Seeds, OG bulk/oz
Shatavari Root Powder, organic, bulk/oz Asparagus racemosa, OG Powder
Shatavari Root organic, bulk/oz Asparagus racemosus, OG
Shepherd's Purse organic, bulk/oz Capsella bursa pastoris, OG
Skullcap Organic, bulk/oz Scutellaria lateriflora, OG
Slippery Elm Bark organic, bulk/oz Ulmus rubra, OG
Slippery Elm Powder, organic Ulmus rubra powder, OG
Solomon's Seal Root organic, bulk/ Polygonatum multiflorum, OG
Spearmint organic, bulk/oz Mentha spicata, OG
Special Order Special Order
Spirulina Powder, organic, bulk/oz Arthrospira platensis, OG
St. John's Wort bulk herb, organic, bulk/oz Hypericum perforatum, OG
St. John's Wort, LOCAL, Organic, bulk/oz Hypericum perforatum, Local, OG, bulk
Stachys, Wood Betony, Organic, bulk/oz Stachys officinalis, OG
Star Anise organic, bulk/oz Illicium verum, OG
Stevia Leaf organic, bulk/oz Stevia rebaudiana, OG
Stillingia, WIld-Crafted, bulk/oz Stillingia silvatica, WC, bulk
Sweet Annie, Organic, bulk/z Artemesia annua, OG bulk/oz
Sweet Woodruff, organic, bulk/oz Galium odoratum, bulk/oz
Thyme organic, bulk/oz Thymus vulgaris, OG
Triphala Powder organic, bulk/oz Triphala Powder, OG
Turkey Rhubarab root powder organic, bulk/oz Rhuem species powder, Og
Turkey Rhubarb Root organic, bulk/oz Rhuem spp., OG
Turkey Tail Mushroom, wild-crafted, bulk/oz Trametes versicolor, WC
Turmeric Slices, organic, bulk/oz Curcuma longa slices, OG
Turmeric powder, organic, bulk/oz Curcuma longa powder, OG
Usnea, Wild-crafted, bulk/oz Usnea spp., WC
Uva Ursi organic, bulk/oz Arctostaphylus uva ursi, OG
Valerian Root organic, bulk/oz Valeriana officinalis, OG
Valerian root powder organic, bulk/oz Valeriana officinalis powder, OG
Vervain organic, bulk/oz Verbena hasta, OG
Violet Leaf, organic, bulk/oz Viola tricolor, OG, bulk
Vitex Berries whole organic, bulk/oz Vitex agnus-castus, OG
Vitex Berry powder organic, bulk/oz Vitex agnus-castus powder, OG
White Ceremonial Sage, Wild-crafted, bulk/oz Salvia apiana, WC bulk.oz
White Peony Root organic, bulk/oz Paeonia lactiflora, OG
White WIllow Bark organic, bulk/oz Salix alba, OG
Wild Cherry Bark Powder organic, bulk/oz Prunus serotina powder, OG
Wild Cherry Bark organic, bulk/oz Prunus serotina, OG
Wild Crafted Colorado Pine Pitch, bulk/oz Pine Pitch WC
Wild Indigo, Organic, bulk/oz Baptisia tinctoria, OG, bulk/oz
Wild Yam Root, Wild-crafted, bulk/oz Dioscorea villosa, WC
Wormwood bulk herb, Organic, bulk/oz Artemesia absintha, OG, bulk/oz
Yacon Root pieces, Organic, bulk/oz Smallanthus sonchifolius, OG bulk/oz
Yacon Root Powder, Organic, bulk/oz Smallanthus sonchifolius powder, OG
Yarrow Flowers, LOCAL, Organic, bulk/oz Achillea millefolium, bulk herb LOCAL, OG
Yarrow, organic, bulk/oz Achillea millefolium, OG
Yellow Dock Root organic, bulk/oz Rumex crispus, OG
Yerba Mansa, Wild-crafted, bulk/oz Anemopsis californica, WC
Yerba Santa, WIld-crafted, bulk/oz Eriodictyon californicum, WC