Sacred Pregnancy Retreat Oct


Sacred Pregnancy Retreat 

October 12th-15, 2018 in the Boulder area 

Honor your pregnancy and the pregnancy of others with this life-transforming event.

Golden Poppy Owner Sarah is excited to be partnering with the Sacred Living Movement to bring this special weekend event to our area.

This retreat is for anyone who works in the birth world who is looking to add some Sacred and Beautiful tools to their repertoire to support pregnant women.

It is also for anyone who is currently pregnant looking to spend a weekend in beautiful retreat with other women, honoring their journey into motherhood.

During this extended weekend, you will be steeped in the Beauty Way of Sacred Pregnancy, not only honoring yourself on your own journey, but you will also become a certified Sacred Pregnancy instructor, able to lead 8-week Sacred Pregnancy Circles in your local communities, helping pregnant people and earning an income at the same time.

 Witness Dance

This retreat is all-inclusive and includes breakfast, lunch, and snacks + all supplies + instructor manual + lodging + lots and lots of goodies! 


It is open to anyone who is currently pregnant, regardless of their identified gender

The topics we will explore:


SACRED SPACE: Explore creating a personal sacred space at home, meditation practice + the benefits of journaling
Sister Project: you will create a collage candle + build a personal sacred altar + rune set




CONNECTION + EXPECTATION: Explore connection to yourself, the baby and the pregnancy experience + discuss pregnancy expectations
Sister Project: sister love speak + mother wisdom deck


FOOD + BODY IMAGE: Explore cravings, mindful eating, body changes + challenges
Sister Project: you will create menu cards + bare belly dancing

 Water Pregnancy


FEARS: Holding space to discuss all fears relating to pregnancy, birth and motherhood
Sister Project: you will burn your fears + do group EMPOWERMENT silk painting


FORGIVENESS: Find the strength to forgive past hurts allow emotional space to open up BEFORE baby comes.
Sister Project: ripping free + binding your power “spirit stick“


SACRED RELATIONSHIP: Understanding the connection and changes in your intimate relationships
Partner Project: heart art




HONORING: Discuss emotional nesting, gender bias, + mother / baby blessings
Sister Project: honoring + baby blessing bag


RITE OF PASSAGE: Postpartum sealing ceremony + sacred belly binding + belly firming paste


SISTERHOOD "GOING TO THE BOWL": The last week is spent in a sisterhood circle in deep reflection of the experiences shared together and going forward.
Sister Project: going to the salt bowl


 Salt bowl


Led by Sacred Living Movement instructor Jessica Rose Booth

After completing this Sacred Pregnancy training and becoming a member of Sacred Pregnancy, you will be certified to lead these classes back in your own community.

The classes encourage deep sharing, exploring ART, expression, LAUGHTER, honoring and CELEBRATION.


For more information please email the instructor:


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This program is a part of the larger Sacred Living Movement created by Anni Daulter and is based on the work in her book Sacred Pregnancy