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Health & Healing Through
the Signs: Taurus

By: Ashley Noack, CCH

Taurus—The Bull

(Mar 20-April 20)


Element: Earth—Practical, Grounded, Creative

Planet: Venus—Relationships, Beauty, Sensuality

Body Part Ruled: The Neck & Throat, Thyroid


Practical / Kind / Dependable / Resourceful / Generous / Sensuous / Provider


The seeds of spring are not only tender but also resilient. They endure intermittent frost, the deluge of late snowfalls, and pounding rain. Like our young sprouts, Taurus moves as a strong and steady force to bring beauty and order from a place of deep connection with natural forces and the abundance the follows from living close to the earth. 

Taurus Tarot

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The Bulls tends towards fixing their minds to a goal or routine and resolutely maintain their stance. They are an immovable force, as they are determined to succeed. They are very comfortable and secure with the familiar and take commitments seriously. It is this relentlessness that makes them strong and dependable, creatures.Their endurance and perseverance guarantees that they’re rewarded with the fruits of their labor, which they take great delight in enjoying 

Taureans have an appreciation for the finer things in life, from art to cuisine and good company. Luxurious living and sensual delights are what this sign works so hard for. In balance, their generous nature makes them a provider, gladly sharing with others. Underneath all of this practicality and reserve is a very sensitive and caring individual, with all the warmth and nurturance of Mother Earth. 

However, the Venus-ruled Taurus can be indulgent to the point of being greedy, materialistic, and dull. At their worst, this can also manifest as possessiveness and jealousy. If their resources are threatened, they can also easily become insecure and tense from withholding. Their resolute nature can mean that this sign is slow or resistant to change, stubborn, and even dogmatic. Initiating changes to their well-being, for this reason, can be a slow process, to say the least. 

Taurus bull

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Taureans tend to be private and self-contained, so it may take time for them to cultivate trust with a caregiver. They also dislike anything experimental, preferring time-tested and concrete methods. As such, initiating health changes, such as a change in diet, for these folks takes time. Like their own steady nature, this sign requires patience and persistence in kind to determine for themselves that a pattern is no longer serving them. Health professionals will want to acknowledge small steps as big changes for these folks. In time, Taurus will reward this generous support with respect and devotion. 

Taurus rules the neck and throat, making them vulnerable to coughs, colds, sore throats, earaches, swollen glands, and stiff necks. Daily stresses can accumulate in these areas, causing a Taurean tension that manifests as a persistent cough or crick in the neck. To compound this stress, their love of decadent foods can make them susceptible to havoc wreaked by food allergies, sluggish digestion, and impaired immunity. Thyroid conditions can result when the body when stress and a dysfunctional diet compete with nourishment and rest. These distress signals may go unheard given the sign’s hearty and stubborn constitution. Taureans must learn to listen to their bodies and move a pace that feels sustainable for them because when a Bull goes down, it goes down hard.


 taurus woman

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Wellness Tips for Taurus:


  • Seek healthful activities that are pleasant and sensual, such as cooking with aromatic, healing herbs or a pampering day at the spa for a massage, body wrap, or skin treatment.
  • Practicing good posture and gentle neck stretches can take the unnecessary strain off the neck, where the Bull is so accustomed to holding stress.
  • Limit refined sugars, processed foods, refined carbs, and rich meals—comfort foods this sign so often seeks.
  • Overindulgence can lead to feeling sluggish and dull. It is important for Taurus to maintain a routine of moderate exercise and organic, healthful food to keep their vitality flowing.
  • Taurus also rules they thyroid, so screening for food allergens and sustainable stress-management, and adequate rest can be holistic first steps for prevention and relief.
  • Hot water with honey and lemon can help soothe a sore throat and offer gentle relief for the cold and flu susceptible sign. Supplement the diet, as well, with foods rich in Vitamin C, Flavanoids, and Zinc for immune support.
  • Adaptogenic herbs, such as Holy Basil, Ashwagandha, Rhodiola, and Eleuthero are great tonics for the Bull when the thyroid and adrenals need extra support.
  • Visits to farmer’s markets to admire the beautiful heirloom varieties of veggies, standing barefoot on the earth, growing a garden or a walking meditation in nature are great ways for this sign to engage their senses and ground their energy.
  • Crafting earth mandalas and constructing rock kerns are good nature-based, stress-relieving activities for methodical and earthy Taurus. They will enjoy creating beauty and order, and, in turn, the temporality of the project helps them to feel more secure and comfortable with not always being in control.


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The herbs we chose to include in our herbal elixir are the following: 

  • Holy Basil - a warming and moving herb, holy basil is great for increasing brain function and helping the mind to be active but focused in a calm way.

  • Rose petals - the perfect heart herb, rose petals are cooling and softening in nature and help to bring nurturance to a person

  • Cinnamon - warming carminative

  • Star Anise - a carminative herb perfect for warming the digestion

  • Fennel - a digestive herb that is slightly cooling in nature, helps dispel gas and bloating

  • Clove - warming carminative

  • Cardamom - warming carminative

  • Ginger - warming carminative

  • Honey
  • Spring Water
  • Brandy

Softening, warming and disperses blood flow to relax, open, and relieve pain. Analgesic, diaphoretic, and slightly moistening makes it good for colds and flu's, while the warming carminatives support Taurus’ tendency to enjoy food in excess.

Herbal actions: aromatic, stimulating, relaxing, adaptogenic, warming


These suggestions are intended to be informative and enlightening. They do not replace the guidance of a healthcare professional.


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