Prime Day 2017

Are you shopping on Amazon Prime Day?


July 11th, 2017


If you don't know what Prime Day is, then don't worry, we didn't really either...we use Amazon but only for things we can't find locally.

But we also understand that cost is always a consideration, which is why the allure of cheap books on Amazon is so high.

Here is a description of Prime Day straight from Amazon:


"Prime Day is our annual deals event just for Prime members. We want Prime Day to be one of the world’s best days to shop, with awesome prices on everything you’re into. We’re bringing you hundreds of thousands of deals, new deals starting as often as every five minutes, and special offers across everything included with Prime—from music and video to reading and voice shopping."

You can kind of think of it as Half-Black-Friday, where for one day only Prime members get all sorts of deals.

So why on earth are we telling you about this?

Because we want you to benefit from it. 

We love our clients and customers and think that anything that saves you money will make you happy. 

So what do you need to do?

Start your 30-day free trial if you’re not already a Prime member.
Are you a student? Start a 6-month trial here, at no cost to you.

Then when the deals go live, get what you want.

Amazon has ton's more info on Prime Day, so we'll let them tell you all about that, but we wanted to help you out and offer some suggestions of things to look for.

We offer a lot of books in our store, and of course we'd love it if you bought them directly from us, but if you want to shop the deals, then here is your perfect opportunity.

Here is a list of books we suggest you start with that you can find on Amazon:


If you got all of these books then you'd have yourself one very well stocked herbal library!

By no means do you need them all, but each one of these is a staple in our library and we wanted to give you a sense of the variety of herbal books out there (and maybe give you a list to create for your next birthday...)

We hope this list is helpful for you, and that you have fun stocking your shelves.

Thank you again for supporting your local apothecary!

The Staff