Golden Poppy
Herbal Apothecary

We're opening back up our doors!

We are beyond excited to announce that we will be opening back up to in-person shopping starting on July 6th! The store front will be open Monday-Saturday 12pm-6pm.

We will continue to offer online & phone orders for pick up or shipping, as well as appointment shopping times between 11 am and 12 pm for customers who continue to wish to shop alone.

To schedule a shopping appointment please visit this page: goldenpoppyherbs.as.me/?appointmentType=5324173 


In times of old, an apothecary was where all people went for their medicine. They dispensed herbs in powders or extracts, and sometimes as syrups. Often the doctors of the time would send their patients in with a receipt, and the apothecary would mix up the ingredients called for. It was, in essence, the original pharmacy.

Today, we have modern pharmacies and pharmaceutical drugs, but there are very few herbal apothecaries, which is a shame, because herbs were, and still are, a very powerful way of healing.


At Golden Poppy Herbal Apothecary and Clinic we strive to provide the highest quality herbal products you can find in Fort Collins, with a focus on organic and local goods. We also pride ourselves in offering sound, fact-based, herbal and nutritional advice to our clients so that they know they will leave their consultation with a way to regain their health.