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At Golden Poppy, education is one of our primary principles. We seek to educate and empower others with the knoweldge they need to take care of their own healthy, naturally.

We do this in large part by offering the donation based classes so people of all backgrounds can have access to the information that we feel is your right to know. Our teachers are donating their time when these classes happen, they are not paid through the store, and 100% of your donations go to them for their time.
You do not need to sign up for any donation based class (simply come a few minute early!), all other classes do require you ro sign-up and pre-pay so we have enough materials for all the participants.
Thank you again for your interest in herbs and our classes and we hope to see you soon!

Below you will find our upcoming community class list. It is also available on Facebook and via our newsletter.



 Intro To Herbs

Introduction to herbs: what they are, how to use them, and why you want to know!

Tuesday February 21st 6:30-8pm

Are you curious about natural health and herbal medicine?

Have you ever wondered about all the different types of ways plants can be used as medicine?

Join staff herbalist & director of the Equinox Center of Herbal Studies Laura Cascardi as she talks about flower essences, herbal teas, tinctures, essential oils, and all the other various herbal preparations and the basics of herbal energetics.

Cost: Suggested donation of $5

Please come 10-15 minutes early to grab a seat.



 Cooking with herbs

Cooking with Herbs

Sunday February 26th 1pm

Learn how to incorporate edible herbs into your daily life for enhanced health and wellbeing in a new way during this interactive demonstration class on how to cook with medicinal herbs.

Not only will you get to sample several dishes, you’ll also leave with lots of tasty recipes to try at home

Taught by staff herbalist & director of the Equinox Center of Herbal Studies Laura Cascardi

Cost $15 

Pre-registration is required, go here to sign up online:

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intro to aroma

Introduction to Aromatherapy

Thursday March 2nd 6:30pm

Curious about essential oils? Want to learn the basics of what they are and how to use them? Then this is the class for you!

We'll cover what essential oils are, a few of the many of the ways you can use them, and go over some of our favorites to have on hand.

The popularity of essential oil use is on the rise, and as a part of plant medicine we LOVE essential oils, but we

Taught by staff aromatherapist Leesa Balik

Cost: Suggested donation $5 

Please come 10-15 minutes early to grab a seat.



 tonic herbs spring

Tonic Herbs for Spring

Saturday March 11th 1pm

In herbalism a tonic is used to help restore, tone and invigorate systems in the body or to promote general health and well-being.
This hands-on herbal tonic making class will leave you full of ideas on how to incorporate herbs into your life for spring wellness.

You’ll learn about herbs for improving liver and lymph health and function, as well as make your own herbal infused vinegar tonic and learn how to use it.

Taught by staff herbalist Ashley Noack & Brita LaTona

Cost: $15

Pre-registration is required, go here to sign up online:

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Introduction to Ayurveda

Wednesday March 15th 6:30 pm

Called the Sister Science of Yoga, Ayurveda is the herbal medicine tradition of India and has gained in popularity in the US since the boom of yoga.

As one of the oldest, most continuously, and widely practiced traditions Ayurveda offers a simple and understandable energetic lense with which to see the world and improve your health.

In this class you’ll learn about the doshas, how to determine yours, and which herbs and lifestyle techniques are helpful to help balance your system.

As a part of this class you’ll receive a copy of the book Ayurveda: The Science Self Healing by Vasant Lad.  Find ut more about this book here:

Taught by Staff Herbalist Brita LaTona

Cost: $20

Class size is limited to 10 people so pre-registration is required to participate in this class.

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Sacred Trees

Sunday March 19th 4-6pm

Medicinal trees are an integral part of herbalism, but there is something extra special about the gifts we receive from these wise and ancient beings that is different than their smaller more transient counterparts.

Join botanical herbalist Laura Cascardi in the mystical and practical world of sacred trees.

Trees and humans have a profound relationship with one another that has spanned from modern day to the beginning of human existence.

In this class you will visit with many of the ancient to modern tree mythologies, learn about the physiological relationships between trees and humans, and experience a short tree journey.

Taught by staff herbalist Laura Cascardi

Cost: $15

Class size is limited to 12, pre-registration is required, go here to sign up online:

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Herbs for Pets

Wednesday April 19th 6:30pm

Do you have loved ones at home that are not of the human variety?

Do you wonder about ways to use natural remedies for common ailments your pets come down with?

Herbs can be successfully used with your pet friends, however they aren’t the same as humans and special things need to be considered.

Join us for this informative class on using herbs with your pets, taught by herbalist and pet lover Brita LaTona.

Cost: Suggested donation $5 

Please come 10-15 minutes early to grab a seat.



Spring Self Care with Ancient Ayurveda

Sunday April 30th 1-3pm

Dinacharya, Sanskrit for daily routines/rhythms, is the most important aspect to self care in Ayurveda. Aligning our daily rituals with nature's rhythms allows us to feel balanced and promotes healthy and vibrant living. Daily self care in alignment with nature promotes high vibration and deep consciousness. Come and learn specific self care rituals for the late fall and early winter season. These simple practices will leave you feeling warm, cozy and calm as you enter the busy holiday season.  

*Learn Abhyanga, a self massage from Ayurveda, and make a herb and essential oil infused massage oil to take home.
* Receive Pichu, a calming warm oil treatment for stress relief and explore inside with some deep introspective art therapy for healing.
* Sip a healing Ayurvedic tea made of spices and herbs to soothe the nervous system and calm the mind and bring home the recipe.
* Dive deep into your creative and contemplative inner space with an art therapy practice to center and ground you.

Taught by guest teacher Radha Schwaller, a Certified Ayurvedic Educator and Practitioner.  She lives in Lyons with her beloved husband Aaron, 2 daughters, 2 dogs, 1 cat and 4 chickens. Radha has been practicing and teaching holistic health for over 13 years.

Cost: $25

Class size is limited to 12 so pre-registration is required, go here to sign up online:

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