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Classes on Herbalism, Aromatherapy, Natural Health, Botany & More

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At Golden Poppy, education is one of our primary principles. We seek to educate and empower others with the knowledge they need to take care of their own healthy, naturally.

We do this in large part by offering the donation based classes so people of all backgrounds can have access to the information that we feel is your right to know. Our teachers are donating their time when these classes happen, they are not paid through the store, and 100% of your donations go to them for their time.
You do not need to sign up for any donation based class (simply come a few minute early!), all other classes do require you to sign-up and pre-pay so we have enough materials for all the participants.
Thank you again for your interest in herbs and our classes and we hope to see you soon!

Below you will find our upcoming community class list. It is also available on Facebook and via our newsletter.  




 Herbal Switchels

Herbal Switchels 

Saturday July 22nd 2-4pm

Switchels are a traditional tonic beverage of apple cider vinegar, maple syrup, ginger, and water prepared to fortify and refresh bodies hard at work or play in the outdoors.

This nutrient-dense and electrolyte-rich beverage hails from the days of hand harvested hay and small-batch maple syrup production and can be made using creative combinations of herbs, juices, teas, vinegars, and sweeteners to create an endless variety of flavors and health benefits.

In this class you’ll explore and enjoy a variety of switchels to beat the heat and craft all season long. Includes recipes and tastings.

Taught by Staff Herbalist Ashley Noack

Cost: $15

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EOs for Skincare

Essential Oils for Skincare

Tuesday July 25th 7:15pm

Are you interested in using essential oils for natural facial care?

Come to this class and learn about some of the best carrier oils and essential oils to use (and which ones to avoid) on your skin, which ingredients are best for your skin type, and how to incorporate natural skin care into your own routine.

You'll go home with one product that you'll make for your own skin's needs.

Taught by staff aromatherapist Leesa Balik

Cost $20

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Intro to Aromatherapy

Introduction to Aromatherapy

Saturday August 12th 4-5pm

Curious about essential oils?

Want to learn the basics of what they are and how to use them safely?

Then this is the class for you! 

We'll cover what essential oils actually are, a few of the many of the ways you can use them, and go over some of our favorites to have on hand.

The popularity of essential oil use is on the rise, and as a part of plant medicine we LOVE essential oils, but we also care deeply about their safe and effective use. Regardless of what essential oil brand you prefer, this class is for you. 

Taught by Staff Aromatherapist Leesa Balik

Cost: Suggested donation $5

This class is first come first serve, so come a few minutes early to grab your spot!

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Riverbend Ponds Plant walk 

Riverbend Ponds Edible & Medicinal Herb Walk

Sunday August 13th 2-3pm

Explore one of Fort Collins’s lovely natural spaces with botanist and long-time wild plant lover Laura Cascardi.

You’ll  learn about some of the medicinal and edible plants that are growing all around you, how to know when it’s safe and ethical to harvest them, and tidbits about what to use them for.

Taught by Staff Botanical Herbalist Laura Cascardi

Cost: $20

Class size is limited to 14 so you must pre-register to hold your spot:

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Beyond the Basics

Beyond the Basics: Herbal Energetics, Cooling Herbs

Wednesday August 16th, 6-7pm

It’s time to go Beyond the Basics.

For several years our community classes have focused on introducing the world of herbalism to those new to the craft. However, the time has come to step beyond the beginning and into a slightly deeper spectrum.

This class will be the first in a series on the Energetics of Herbalism. Herbal Energetics are one of the foundational principles of understanding and working with herbs, and give insight to how herbs are different than conventional medicine. In order to grasp how herbs work in the body, having a foundational comprehension of herbal energetics is key.

If you are someone who has been using herbs for a little while and are ready to deepen your body of knowledge, or looking for a refresher class this is the series for you!

While this class series will not build upon itself, meaning you don’t need to take the one before it in order to take the one currently being offered, it is part of a complete body of knowledge.


Taught by Staff Botanical Herbalist and director of the Equinox Center of Herbal Studies (ECOHS) Laura Cascardi

Cost $10

Class size is limited to 16, you must pre-register to hold your spot:

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Herbs for meditation

Herbs for Meditation, Balance and Deeper Awareness

Wednesday August 21st, 7-8pm

So many of us are living lives of high stress and anxiety, and despite all of the information about how meditation can be helpful for reducing these issues, it’s not always easy to do.

In this class you will learn about some of our favorite plants that can be aids for deeper meditation and mindfulness. They can help calm our minds, and generate a sense of balance and calm.

Come learn ways that sacred plants can be incorporated into your daily life and prepared prior to meditation or yoga practice, allowing you to relax into a natural state of relaxation and balance.

You will make a product to take home with you for use before meditation practice.

Taught by staff herbalist Brita LaTona

Cost: $15

Class size is limited to 16, you must pre-register to hold your spot

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Herbal Kombucha Brewing

Wednesday August 23rd 7-8pm

Learn the in's and out's of Kombucha brewing- that wonderful, probiotic rich, living, fermented tea.

You will learn the complete brewing process and methods of brewing your own Kombucha at home. You will also be familiarized with the secondary fermentation process, which includes flavoring with herbs and different fruits.

Everyone who attends will be sent home with their own SCOBY (the symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast that you will need to start your  brew) as well as enough black tea to brew your first gallon batch.

Happy brewing!


Taught by staff member Genevieve Gaskill

Cost $15

Class size is limited to 16, you must pre-register to hold your spot

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 Drawing plants

Observing and Drawing Plants

Saturday August 26th 4-6pm

Time spent observing plants is never time wasted.

Take a few hours out of your hectic week and sit down with some of life’s great beauties for a class designed to get you to stop and draw the roses.

Artist or not, you will leave this class feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and with a greater sense of appreciation for the intricate details of some of the plants that fill your world.

Taught by staff herbalist Ashley Noack

Cost: Suggested donation $5

This class is first come first serve, so come a few minutes early to grab your spot!

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 Facial Masks

Herbal Facial Masks

Sunday August 27th 3-4pm

Did you know that almost all of the science around skincare originally developed out of the study of compounds found in plants?

For thousands of years humans have used plants for skincare, from bumps and bruises, cuts and scrapes, to anti-aging and skin brightening, plants hold the key to revealing your skin’s beauty.

In this class you will learn about some of the best herbs to use to create your own facial masks at home for your skin type and skin needs.

Taught by staff aromatherapist Leesa Balik

Cost: $15

Class size is limited to 16 so you must pre-register to hold your spot

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